• December 3, 2022

Alex Pissios Helps with Getting a Second Chance at Life

Everyone deserves a second chance, and nothing shows it more than Alex Pissios’ story about the Chicago gang member who got a second chance at life. 

According to Alex Pissios, Jermaine Rhodes is a former gang member from Chicago who started selling drugs at a young age. Jermaine was born into a family of gang members and was also surrounded by friends in the gang. 

He said that his mother would occasionally steal food and sell their clothes and that poverty was what led to them selling drugs. Jermaine started selling drugs in school, and at the age of 14 or 15, he moved to the Chicago corner. 

Alex Pissios wrote that for some time, in the beginning, life in the corner was good for Jermaine because he would get a lot of money from the drugs, get all the clout, girls, and drive nice cars. However, just as fast as the money came, so did the ugly reality of being a gang member. 

There were shootings, losing childhood friends, and getting robbed. Jermaine even said he lost many friends as a result of that. 

During the same period, Reginald Berry, a former gang chief, was in prison because of a shooting that happened in the corner. According to Alex Pissios, the shootout happened between him and another guy in the corner as he was selling narcotics, which led to him facing a 33-year sentence for murder. 

Berry prayed about his situation in prison and received a message to return help to the corner. After leaving prison, he went back to his former stomping grounds on Pulaski Road, where he met Jermaine. 

Jermaine said that since then, he has never looked back, and they later founded the “Saving Our Sons” foundation with Berry, which they hope will get other young people off the streets. They hope to get more role models and that more people share their success stories like Alex Pissios did on how Twitter.