• May 16, 2022

All You Need To Know About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is a famous American based businessman. He ranks among the top billionaires within the United States. He is popular for his involvement in many sectors in the economy of the country. Robert has many businesses that he manages and chairs the Kraft Group.

Kraft Group

Kraft Group is a family managed business. The business has many companies that are linked to one another. All these companies were founded by Robert. Robert Kraft has delegated his family members to manage the business. The group has involved itself in sectors such as sports, paper, real estate development and private equity. Examples of the companies started and owned by Robert include International Forest Products, Gillette Stadium and the Patriot place.

International Forest Products

He founded International Forest Products in 1972. Robert started this company because he felt that trade would expand in the future. International Forest Products grew to become a globally ranked distributor and marketer. It currently does business with over 100 countries worldwide. The company is among the top ten big exporters in North America.

Rand Whitney Group

This was the first place where Robert worked after completion of his studies. The company was owned by Robert Kraft’s father-in-law. He excelled as a worker till he was appointed as the chairman. Later on, he acquired the company from his father-in-law. Rand Whitney Group and International Forest Products have become the largest private owned paper and packaging companies in the United States. Refer to this article for related information.

The Patriots

There’s a long story behind Robert Kraft’s management of the Patriots. It includes his purchase of land adjacent to the Fox borough stadium. This stadium is where the Patriots practiced and played. The title deed of the land gave Robert the right to prevent the Patriots from being moved to another city. Robert bought the stadium and eventually owned the Franchise.


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