• July 7, 2022

Healthcare Expert Tim Murawski

Tim Murawski, a MedTech Executive, is a man of numerous hobbies. He loves traveling all around the globe, especially while riding in his fast-engine cars and sports cars. He is active in athletics, participating in tennis, barefoot water skiing, and downhill skiing. In addition, Tim is often spotted fishing in public as a hobby. 


Tim Murawski finds happiness in the simplicity of life and keeps his body healthy and fit in daily activities. The healthcare expert loves to travel, and together with his wife, they travel around the globe to explore different cities and countries. They are enticed by the unique culture and landscape of the dynamic countries they visit. However, according to Tim, Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, and New Zealand are the favorite places to visit. 


In a recent interview, Tim Murawski was open to discussing his disappointment with the various states’ various regulations on transportation and entrance to countries. These restrictions we put in place to curb the widespread of the Coronavirus. In the interview, Tim Murawski expressed his dissatisfaction with some of the states that denied entry to tourists even after undergoing vaccination procedures. It is because Tim and his wife were limited in the areas they could visit.


Tim Murawski is a big fan of sports cars. He spent time learning how to drive fast cars, and with time Tim has now proven to be a pro when handling cars. He owns a collection of supercars such as multiple Porsches, a Panamera, his favorite car that he drives daily, a Boxster S mid-engine convertible that his wife uses, and a two-seater Cayman S luxury car that he drives during summers.


Working at Augmedics

Before joining Augmedics, Tim Murawski worked at Mazor Robotics for more than nine years. At Mazor Robotics, the healthcare expert grew and advanced in rank first as a sales director and lastly as the vice president of U. S. accounts. Tim was a crucial part in Mazor’s acquisition by Medtronic in 2018.