• June 2, 2023

Philip Belamant and Zilch Secure Additional $50 Million In Funding

Today’s fast-growing online payments Company announced an update to its mobile app platform, allowing merchants to accept payment via Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal – instantly converting shoppers into loyal digital wallets. Merchants can also take advantage of the latest discounts and rewards offered through the new program. These include $5 off when paying on a Visa card; $10 off when paying on Apple Card; and 50% off select items when paying with PayPal. Philip Belamant says the new features were released simultaneously across both iOS and Android apps. They were designed to give Zilch’s growing customer base access to Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Wallet payments wherever they shop.

Consumers may choose Zilch over traditional credit cards because they appreciate the low fees and reward benefits. Zilch offers an innovative payment card platform that provides better pricing and rewards than credit cards offered by large banks. The Zilch Card Rewards program allows users to earn points for every dollar spent, redeem those points for discounts on hundreds of thousands of retail partners worldwide, and then donate those funds back to our community through charities focused on environmentalism, equality, and social justice. Since 2011, Zilch has raised nearly $4 million for global local organizations.

Zilch’s co-founder and C.E.O.Philip Belamant stressed that, given inflation and increasing interest rates, it’s now more important than before that consumers have access to an affordable payment solution they can trust for savings, deals, and cash flow management and no interest or late fee charges. Consumers should not worry about paying higher interest rates and penalty charges if they pay back late.

Open Banking has enabled consumers to make safer purchases using pre-approved spending limits. These limits update automatically based on transactions made and no longer require an expensive card replacement process. Philip Belamant says that to ensure your bank account can handle these increases without freezing up, contact our support team, who will provide a safe solution tailored to your needs.

In early 2022, they partnered with the world-leading credit reporting agency Experian to enable reciprocal reporting to the credit reporting agencies’ data set. With an even clearer view of users’ financial health, Zilch can better update its customer’s spending limits, reward them for responsible behavior, and allow them to improve their credit scores.