• May 16, 2022

Roy Beck—the Founder, CEO, And President Of NumbersUSA

Roy Beck is the Chief Executive Officer of NumbersUSA. He’s also the Founder and President of the Research and Education Foundation.

He founded NumbersUSA in 1997. The Research and Education Foundation is a top-ranked grassroots organization with a well-established online network taking care of the needs of over 9 million American citizens.


After his secondary education, Roy joined the University of Missouri to pursue a course in journalism. He graduated with a degree in journalism from the university’s School of Journalism before he began venturing into the corporate world.

Roy Beck began his professional career working as a reporter for the environment-beat newspaper. The country recognizes him as one of the reporters for the environment-beat newspaper in the 60s and 70s.

As a newspaper reporter, Roy’s job was to report from over 30 states and several countries while working as a staff for Columbia Missourian, the Newhouse Newspaper Washington bureau, and Cincinnati Enquirer.

Roy Beck received multiple awards for his religion, environmental, and business reporting during the 20 years he actively participated as a professional newspaper journalist.

An Author of Several Books

Roy Beck was appointed a policy analyst on the U.S. population and immigration problems in 1991. During that time, he wrote several books on the country’s labor market, environment, and immigration. He’s also an author of several books on ethics and public and religious policy. Roy is the co-author of several studies on sprawl that got a publication in numerous academic journals, newspapers, and magazines.

The Reason behind Founding NumbersUSA

Roy Beck founded NumbersUSA to execute two commissions’ immigration recommendations and policies. The organization was to present ethical problems of immigration and the U.S. population.

Volunteer Leadership

Beck is a volunteer leader who supports the building of homes to accommodate the elderly poor and food transportation help to poor immigrants. Refer to this page for related information.


Read: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/04/us/politics/roy-h-beck-quietly-leads-a-grass-roots-army.html, for more information.