• June 2, 2023

How Richard Liu Qiangdong has Grown his Business

All great businesses had a starting point. JD.com, the influential Chinese company everyone is talking about started its journey years ago, and although the start was very humble, the company is among the biggest in the world. The company because of a simple great idea. Richard Liu Qiangdong brought the idea of selling his company products to consumers out of normal cart. The idea of the businessman was to only commit to selling client goods that were authentic and also very cost friendly. The services by Richard were better and high quality, giving him an upper hand with the competitors. SARS brought the major idea of transforming JD.com in 2003. The epidemic significantly transformed the Chinese economy in this year, and the only thing Qiangdong could do was to transition most of his business operations to be digital. JD.com success began at this point.

Working and building only for the future

JD.com, began growing to become the e-commerce the eastern region required. The massive and expanding network of incredible infrastructure used by Richard Liu has connected millions of Chinese consumers with the high quality goods needed on their everyday life. Shoppers got the chance to order electric cars, home appliances and other products through the platform. The only thing required by the businesses was to click on the company website to order and sit at home as the items are brought home. The organization and its leader, Liu Qiangdong has been very keen on working with greener practices in his organization. The business has only used responsible supply chain for all its business activities, getting the admiration of many. These practices have made JD.com to get numerous awards in the international forum because of these incredible practices. The Chinese firm had made several adjustments in its great leadership over the past few months to accommodate the incredible growth in the firm in recent years.

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