• June 2, 2023

How the New Sports Illustrated CEO Turning Driving the Company

Ross Levinsohn When the Maven Company appointed Ross Levisohn as its CEO, they did so hoping he would help them surge forward. His appointment was based on the company wanting to grow and expand further. Thus, he was viewed as the right man with the right skills and experience to help the organization realize this milestone. Ross had served in many other companies like Yahoo where he used his excellent skills and talent to impact the company positively. Therefore, on the side of experience Mr. Ross Levisohn was adequately equipped and the right man for the job at the right time.

He took over as the CEO from Mr. Heckman who also served the company diligently for many years and helped it get to where it is now. Ross Levisohn immediately took over as the company’s new leader from Mr. Heckman. Even though the former Sports Illustrated CEO Mr. Heckman was retired, he remained around for some time to work with Ross and help him settle into the company much faster and work on its expansion plan and also improve its revenues.

A few years down the line and the job the new sports Illustrated CEO is doing is out there for everyone to see. The company is now experiencing a significant improvement in their profits. A keen observation shows that sports-illustrated media has doubled earnings after just a short period. This outstanding achievement is down to the input of only one man, Ross Levisohn the new sports illustrated CEO. Apart from its increased profits, the company has also seen a rapid increase in the number of people who read its magazines online. Considering a shift in the print media where many products are now being offered online, it is expected so much of what goes on in this industry will be done online.

Therefore, Sports Illustrated Media’s move to offer more of its products online shows that the company is headed in the right direction. It is only a matter of time before they increase their sales even more due to this expansion.