• March 20, 2023

Randy Douthit

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit is a renowned television director and producer. He is well known for producing Judge Judy for 25 years in a row. The expert is also known for producing Crossfire, Larry King Live and Judge Joe Brown. Douthit started his career in the film industry at KGW television station in Portland, Oregon, where he was the director of How Come, a kids’ show. He next worked for CNN and was featured on various talk shows in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. In 1982, he established Crossfire and worked as the show’s producer and director.

Randy Douthit admits that COVID-19 was a difficult time for the filming industry. He claims the pandemic dealt the filming industry a severe blow, forcing filmmakers to adjust to keep working. According to Douthit, filming became more expensive and time-consuming because of testing and safety procedures. In addition to a costly budget, film crews also had to put up with wearing masks, social distancing and other restrictions, which made filming a tad more complicated. Consequently, Douthit and other professionals were forced to work remotely to film and produce some episodes of the Judy Justice show.

Randy DouthitDespite the challenges presented by COVID, Randy Douthit still led Judge Judy to become the number one program for 12 years consecutively. In addition, the show has won three Emmy awards. The producer attributes the show’s success to hard work, consistency and teamwork. Duthit’s interest in the legal system goes beyond the show. He champions Public Counsel, a firm offering pro bono legal assistance, and Vera Institute, an organization focused on eliminating mass incarceration. Throughout his career, Douthit has received two Peabody Awards, six Emmy Awards and six CableACE Awards.