• June 2, 2023

Randy Douthit

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit is a highly respected and sought-after media executive, producer, and writer. His experience as Chief Creative Officer of TEGNA Media Group, formerly Gannett Company, will be valuable to our listeners. He also has expertise in the music business and is currently the President of DTS Studios.

Randy Douthit knows exactly what it takes to rise above the competition and produce high-quality work for consumers worldwide. He has grown his career from a local radio station DJ to a national one that broadcasted on 4200+ television stations in 50 states, with over 360 million viewers in more than 185 countries each month.

Aside from his experience in broadcast media, he has been involved in hundreds of other media-related projects and startups. He is the former President of the National Association of Television Program Executives and has published two books, The Ultimate Radio/TV Production Guide, which is used in colleges and universities worldwide.

He is also an accomplished musician that plays various instruments, including piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums. Randy was a songwriter for many artists, such as Michael Bolton, Peter Cetera, and Air Supply. He won the prestigious ASCAP pop award for his composition Love is a Beautiful Song, which Peter Cetera and Amy Grant recorded.

Following his time with Gannett, Randy Douthit worked for a company that focused on television sales and distribution. He became part of a team from their creation in 1987. This division sold big-time TV stations to cable, telephone, and satellite companies. Working there helped him to master the business side of media, including television, radio, and print advertising.

Randy DouthitWhen Gannett decided to create the TEGNA brand in 2010, Randy Douthit was the choice for Chief Creative Officer. A job he accepted and excelled at, providing creative solutions for clients worldwide. He has a stellar client list, including CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC Universal, and ESPN.