• June 2, 2023
Shelton Haynes

Shelton Haynes: Spearheading the Renaissance of Roosevelt Island through the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Nestled between Queens and New York City, Roosevelt Island has undergone a remarkable transformation under Shelton Haynes, the President and CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). With his visionary approach and strategic guidance, Haynes has successfully led initiatives to enhance the island’s infrastructure, develop vibrant neighborhoods, and create a thriving community for residents and visitors alike.

Revitalizing the Riverwalk Neighborhood:

Under Shelton Haynes’ astute leadership, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation has achieved a notable accomplishment by finalizing the Riverwalk neighbourhood development project. Through effective collaborations with developers and stakeholders, Haynes ensured the realization of this ambitious endeavour, transforming Roosevelt Island into a sought-after residential destination. The Riverwalk neighbourhood now features modern amenities, recreational spaces, and a beautiful waterfront promenade, offering residents an unparalleled living experience.

Haynes’ Vision and Leadership:

Haynes’ visionary leadership has played a pivotal role in reshaping Roosevelt Island’s landscape and establishing it as an attractive urban enclave. With a deep understanding of the island’s potential, he has implemented strategic plans to foster economic growth, improve transportation infrastructure, and enhance the residents’ quality of life. Haynes’ commitment to sustainable development and his emphasis on community engagement has been instrumental in fostering a sense of belonging among Roosevelt Island’s diverse population.

Collaboration and Community Engagement:

Under Haynes’ guidance, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation has prioritized collaboration with community organizations, local businesses, and residents to ensure that all perspectives are considered. Haynes firmly believes in inclusivity and actively seeks input from stakeholders, creating a sense of ownership and shared responsibility for the island’s development. Regular town hall meetings and open forums serve as platforms for dialogue and collaboration, further strengthening the bond between the community and the RIOC.

A Catalyst for Growth:

Shelton Haynes’ unwavering dedication to improving Roosevelt Island has positioned the RIOC as a catalyst for growth and progress. His extensive experience in public administration, coupled with his forward-thinking mindset, has led to innovative solutions and transformative initiatives. Haynes recognizes the importance of adapting to the community’s evolving needs and embraces emerging technologies to improve infrastructure, transportation, and sustainability on the island.


Thanks to Shelton Haynes’ visionary leadership and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Roosevelt Island has emerged as a thriving urban oasis, offering residents a unique blend of tranquillity and urban conveniences. Through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and a commitment to sustainable development, Haynes has successfully transformed the island into a vibrant and inclusive community.