• December 3, 2022

Unlocking new opportunities for Tron, as discussed by Justin Sun

Justin Sun established the Tron Network and is an ambassador of Grenada to WTO. He has led his network to greater heights despite challenges in the country, especially during the pandemic. Tip Ranks recently interviewed Sun on the future of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

NFT figures were in a frenzy in 2021, thus attracting people to trade in cryptocurrencies. In 2022, NFT has been facing critics, especially when it ranked top in the worst-viewed cryptocurrency. The interview set was to figure out the problem and whether issues transpired behind the scenes by asking Justin Sun the right questions, as he was the developer of Tron Network.

Justin Sun ranks top in the running of a Crypto corporation. With his team, Sun has introduced Tron to the idea of including the community in its development as it is a parent to various services, including those of the government. Sun founded an NFT investment fund in 2021, which dealt with art acquisitions and was registered on the blockchain digitally. He did so after the purchase of Warhol and Picasso.

Sun stated during the interview that NFT critics rampantly spread, and its trading volume drastically declined because most of its consumers diversified their holdings during the previous bull market. The investors changed their portfolios by pulling out of NFTs bids, and the play-to-earn season faded and additionally leading to figures dropping.

Justin claims that NFT will bounce back on its fit, especially with the underlying projects. NFT is the underlying instrument for various initiatives and development of Web3. It is also a critical factor that will help advance blockchain technology leading to its adoption once again and, thus, its accessibility.

Justin discusses the Dominica Coin (DMC) being introduced by the government to aid in the advancement of the economy and technology in the region. DMC is also designed to improve tourism in Dominica by developing its economy and natural attractions. Tron’s role in DMC is to aid the government in obtaining its objective through cost-effectiveness and energy infrastructure.